RZ Consulta GmbH


The modern consultancy services with ETL.

Our consultants have great experience with connection of ETL. We have lawyers, chartered accountants and bookkeepers together with highly skilled Finance experts, and management consultants. Our activity includes in all economic aspects, taxation and legal matters of companies or individuals. Our clients are of different company formation of Trade, Industry, Finance and services. We organise business oriented seminars in German, English and Arabic languages.

Interdisciplinary team within the compound, is a network of services and cooperation partners as well as ETL-Experts, who can go back to the ETL consultants. Highly trained employees in special branches also covers the consultancy services for establishing Insurance Companies.

As experts of Taxation we are able to assist building an organization of tax administration.

We are certified by the German KfW-Bank as consultants for start-up a business.
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