ACCT began its activities in 1959, with the construction of Iraq's famous Army Canal, joining the Tigris in Northern Baghdad to the Dayala River basin (southern Baghdad). This also involved the construction of a large pumping station on the Tigris River and two parallel highways in the Thawra district of Baghdad.
In 1961, ACCT was awarded a $66 Million contract for construction of the Baghdad-Kirkuk highway. The contract was awarded after strong competition against German companies Strabag and Zublin. The project was completed in 1964 and the highway still serves as the major transportation link between Northern and Central Iraq.
In 1973, ACCT was awarded the contract for the Amara and Kasra navigation locks, at a total value of $60 Million. Both navigation locks were completed in 1977.
In 1982, ACCT entered a partnership with the German industrial giant Krupp Polysius to construct 3 cement factories in Sulaimaniyah, Karbala and Samawa, at a cumulative value of $340 Million. All 3 factories were completed in 1984.

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